Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed-60, a member of the governing body of Ideal School and College married 18-year-old Ideal College’s student Cynthia Islam Tisha.

Viral Mustaque and Tisha
Viral Mustaque and Tisha

One is a college student and the other one is 60 years old. Wherever they go, they are tempted to take selfies with people. Before marriage, no one knew them like that, but now they have got a new fame. Yes, we are talking about the Tisha-Mustaque couple.

The recent viral incident has revolved around Cynthia Islam Tisha, an eleventh-grade college student of Ideal School and College in Motijheel, Dhaka, and 60-year-old Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed, a member of the governing body of Ideal School.

Now, the Tisha-Mustaque couple giving interviews on various digital platforms almost every day.

“Not for money, I married Mustaque for love,” Cynthia Islam Tisha said in a media interview recently, in response to criticism on social media.

“I am an adult woman. I can marry anyone. If I don’t have a problem with it, why do the critics have a problem? Even his (Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed) grown children have no problems, then where are the problems of others,” Cynthia Islam Tisha also said.

About Tisha, Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed said “Tisha is a child of a good family. There is no question of greed for money, she wants to be with me for love”.

It is learned that they are giving interviews on different digital platforms every day. The couple is seen visiting various fashion houses. Despite being criticized for marriage, now they are enjoying everything anew. Even positive sides are also talking about them during Waz Mahfil

Although the girl’s family could not accept Tisha’s marriage who is a college student. They complained that “Mustaque Ahmed married the girl by trapping her”. At one point, they have to take refuge in court for this.

However, the Tisha-Mustaque couple wants to leave behind all discussions and criticisms and move forward in a new way. In the meantime, the “Tisha-Mustaque Life Style” page was opened two days ago in their own name. And before that, a YouTube channel called King Mustaque was ‍also opened. The new page got more than 5,000 followers on the first day.

Viral Mustaque and Tisha
Viral Mustaque and Tisha

Mentioned that Saiful Islam, the girl’s father, filed a case against Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed, a member of the governing body of Ideal School and College, in the Thakurgaon court on June 22 on charges of “kidnapping and rape”. In view of the case, the student went to the Thakurgaon court.

About this, Mustaque’s lawyer Md. Sahabuddin Khan said that Cynthia’s father Saiful Islam filed a case against Khandaker Mustaque with Thakurgaon Women and Child Repression Prevention Tribunal on June 22. The tribunal directed the Thakurgaon Sadar Police to investigate the case and submit a report within 60 days. In this situation, the victim (Khandaker Mustaque) himself came to the court and gave a statement under section 22. After that, the girl moved to Dhaka with her husband Mustaque.

Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed Cynthia Islam Tisha got married
Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed and Cynthia Islam Tisha got married

Collected“Cynthia’s father filed the case citing her age as 16. However, the court verified Cynthia’s NID card and found that she was 18 years and four months old. That means she is an adult. She has the authority to make decisions,” he also said.

Noted that Khandaker Mustaque Ahmed and 18-year-old girl Cynthia Islam Tisha got married on March 25, 2023. However, this incident came to light in June. Before that Mustaque was accused of assaulting a student. Additional Deputy Commissioner (Education and ICT) of Dhaka has been assigned the duty to investigate the matter. However, the two announced their marriage before the investigation.

Mushtaq Tisha book fair event

Book fairs have already started in our country and various types of books have been published there. Among them, Mushtaq Tisha published a book of love stories. After it was published in the book fair, it received a lot of response from the first time, but in the next moment, it was subjected to a lot of criticism. Especially the students and young generation have protested more on this issue. On the other hand, the parents strongly condemned.