Here are some of the useful links on the web which can be helpful in a number of situations.

Nowadays, the modern marvel called Internet can be useful for many aspects in our technology-oriented life. In a nutshell, here are some useful websites on the world wide web:


1. – Convert and download videos from sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion etc…

2. – Save rich-text formatted notes online and share easily using a shortened URL.

3. – Shorten Long URLs to make them easier to share.

4. –  Share your photos online in quick and simple way. – Zoho mail is a free, simple alternative e-mail service.



6. – Convert various files from one format to another.

7. – Discover a number of free open online courses from reputed educators.

8. – A full featured online photo Editor for all your photo editing needs.

8. – Easily upload and share files online.

9. – Also available as an app, Google Docs is a full pledged utility to edit documents. It also offers real-time collaboration features.

10. – Easily learn web languages such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP with tutorials and examples.

11. – The largest free-to-join community of people where you can ask virtually any questions and get answers from others.

12. – A place where you can find how-to-do guidelines on literally anything.

13. – An excellent place to get free-to-use professional quality Photos and illustrations for free.

14. – One of the best free online dictionaries on the web.

15. – Watch and share presentations on virtually anything.

16. – Download popular books for free in PDF format.



17. – A popular blog on everything about Android.

18. – A vast catalog of free ebooks.

19. – Create your own forum online and interact with people of similar interests.

20. – Simple techniques and ideas to make your life easier.

21. Commons.Wikipedia.Org/ – Find media and photos to use under Creative Commons license for free.

22. – Find vector illustrations and icons, including free vector icons for commercial use.

23. – A vast array of free mathematics and logical tools for geeks.

24. – Share text online anonymously, with text formatting.

25. – A social network created to share ideas as photos. One can find a lot of information and ideas on a specific subject in form o shared photos here.


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