Political History

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, renowned for his illustrious cricket career, has also ventured into the realm of politics, leveraging his popularity and influence to make a positive impact on his homeland, Bangladesh. Transitioning from the cricket pitch to the political arena, Mashrafe brings with him the same attributes that defined his sporting career: leadership, determination, and a commitment to serving his community.

In January 2020, Mashrafe officially announced his entry into politics by joining the ruling Bangladesh Awami League party. His decision to step into politics was driven by a desire to contribute further to the welfare and development of his constituency and the nation at large.

As a Member of Parliament representing Narail-2 constituency, Mashrafe has embarked on various initiatives aimed at uplifting the lives of his constituents. He has been vocal about addressing issues such as infrastructure development, healthcare accessibility, education, and youth empowerment. Leveraging his personal experiences and network, Mashrafe has been instrumental in securing resources and support for the advancement of his constituency’s socio-economic landscape.

Beyond local endeavors, Mashrafe has also lent his voice to national matters, advocating for policies and initiatives that promote the well-being and progress of Bangladesh as a whole. His transition from sports to politics has been characterized by a continued dedication to public service and a determination to bring about positive change.

However, Mashrafe’s foray into politics has not been without challenges. Like any public figure navigating the complexities of governance, he has faced scrutiny and criticism, but his commitment to his constituents and the principles he upholds remains steadfast.

In the intersection of sports and politics, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza epitomizes the potential for athletes to transcend their fields and become agents of social change. His journey from cricketing hero to political leader reflects a broader narrative of individuals leveraging their platforms for the greater good, embodying the spirit of service and leadership that inspires a nation. As Mashrafe continues his political journey, his legacy both on and off the field serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.


Former Bangladesh cricket team captain and Narail-2 Awami League candidate for the 12th parliamentary election Mashrafe Bin Mortaza bagged the seat for the second time consecutively by a huge margin.

He bagged 1,89,102 votes, while his nearest rival Hafizur Rahman from Bangladesh Workers Party secured 4,041 votes in Sunday’s polls.

The polling that began at 8:00 am concluded at 4pm without any break amid tight security in 299 out of the country’s 300 constituencies. The counting of votes started immediately after the end of voting.
Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina cast her vote at Dhaka City College in the capital this morning.

Election Commission Secretary Jahangir Alam on Sunday said 27.15 % votes were cast till 3 pm on Sunday.

The Narail Express Foundation


The Narail Express Foundation (Bengali: নড়াইল এক্সপ্রেস ফাউন্ডেশন listen) is a Narail-based non-profit charity that provides education, healthcare, and other social services for the people who live in the Narail district of Bangladesh.[3][4] It was co-founded by Bangladeshi Politician and Cricketer Mashrafe Mortaza, along with Tarikul Islam Anik (Founder General Secretary) in 2017.

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