The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu was Lord Rama who was born to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya in Ayodhya in Treta Yuga. Shree Ram belongs to the ‘Ikshvaku dynasty’ founded by King ‘Ikshvaku’ the son of Lord Surya, which is why Ramchandra is called ‘Suryavanshi’. Shri Ramachandra; the central figure of the Hindu epic Ramayana is a major deity in Hinduism; especially important to Vaishnavism. Born in a royal family, Lord Rama’s life was challenged by unexpected circumstances such as exile for 14 years and several moral dilemmas and ethical questions.

The incarnation of Vishnu as Shri Ram and the sufferings he faced all through his human life proves that Satogun Vishnu is in the cycle of birth and death. He is not eternal. At one time, Lord Vishnu rests on the bed of Sheshnag in his abode ‘Vaikunth’ and at another time he incarnates on earth and suffers in human birth. Shrimad Devi Bhagavata (Durga) Purana and Shiv Mahapurana provide evidence that Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are in the cycle of birth and rebirth. They are mortal.

Keeping in view the aforesaid, a deep study has been done of the holy scriptures which proves that not Lord Rama of Ayodhya but Aadi Rama who resides in the immortal world ‘Satlok’ should be worshipped about whom devotees are ignorant to date.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

राम राम सब जगत बखाने, आदि राम कोई बिरला जाने ||

Ram Ram sab Jagat bakhaney, Aadi Ram koi birla janey

Everyone remembers Ram but does not know who is real Ram?

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

एक राम दशरथ का बेटा, एक राम घट-घट में बैठा। एक राम का सकल पसारा, एक राम दुनिया से न्यारा।।

Ek Ram Dashrath ka beta, Ek Ram ghat-ghat mein baitha Ek Ram ka sakal pasara, Ek Ram duniya se nyara

There is one Aadi Ram who is eternal and is only worthy to be worshipped who is unknown to masses. He is Param Akshar Purush who descends on earth and as a Tatvadarshi (enlightened) saint he imparts true spiritual knowledge to his beloved souls and liberates them.

Sukshma Veda ie. the nectar speech of Almighty God Kabir mentions

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

राम  बुलावा  भेजिया , दिया  कबीरा  रोय | जो  सुख  साधू  संग  में , सो  बैकुंठ मे न  होय  ||

Ram bulawa bhejiye, diya Kabira roye
Jo sukh sadhu sang mein, so Baikunth mein naa hoye

The happiness and peace to the creature is under the shelter of the true spiritual leader who plays the divine spectacle of an enlightened saint since He grants true salvation mantras and liberates souls from the web of butcher Brahm-Kaal. He is the provider of salvation. This happiness is not found even in Lord Vishnu’s abode ie. Vaikunth.

The whole world due to lack of true spiritual knowledge worships Lord Ram alias Lord Vishnu who cannot relieve souls from the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth since they themselves are trapped in the web of Brahm-Kaal.

This write-up will give readers an overview of the life of ‘Maryada Purushottam Ram’ to whom innocent devotees had been worshipping since ages with great reverence considering he was a divine-human whereas facts from epic Ramayana and other holy scriptures contradict the same and reveal that Aadi Ram; the immortal Satpurush residing in the seventh sky in the ultimate abode ‘Satlok’ is worthy to be worshipped. He is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda.

एक राम दशरथ का बेटा, दूजा सकल पसारा |
तीजा घट घट का वासी, चौथा दुनिया से न्यारा ||

Ek Ram Dasharatha ka beta, dooja sakal pasara
Teeja ghat ghat ka vaasi, chautha duniya se nyara

Let us dive into the facts and focus on the following points: Let’s study who is worshipable Aadi Ram?

First, let us throw light on the life of Lord Rama and know why Lord Vishnu had to incarnate on earth as Lord Rama?

Narad Muni Cursed Lord Vishnu

Once sage Narad did severe penance and became confident that he has won over vices. After completing the austerity he went to meet his father Lord Brahma and conveyed the same belief to him, who in turn told him not to discuss this with Lord Vishnu. Since Narad Muni was overconfident and overexcited he thought to share the same with Vishnu Ji in spite of a warning given by his father. Narad Muni went to meet his uncle Vishnu Ji and started boasting that he has won over lust and that he will lead a life of an ascetic all through his life. To puncture Narad Muni’s pride and misunderstanding Vishnu Ji created an illusionary world where the ‘Swayamvar’ of a beautiful princess was organized and renowned rulers from distant places had come to marry the princess. Seeing a grand celebration and preparations, Narad Muni got excited to marry the princess.

Lord Vishnu is good looking. Narad Ji remembered Vishnu Ji and asked him to provide his “Hari roop’ (In Sanskrit Hari means monkey). Lord Vishnu tactfully gave consent ‘Tathastu (तथास्तु )’ and Narad Ji’s face converted like a monkey to which Narad Ji was ignorant. The time of ‘Swayamvar’ arrived and the princess entered the royal court. Narad Ji was standing in the queue and was waiting for the princess to garland him, she came near, saw sage Narad and simply ignored and walked. Narad Muni got shocked ‘Why did the princess ignore him?’. Giving a second chance, Narad Muni moved forward in another row where the Princess was to arrive next. The second time also the princess ignored Narad Ji then someone standing beside him mocked Narad Ji for his ugly look of a monkey which annoyed Narad Muni.

Furious Narad Muni then cursed Lord Vishnu, ‘ You will lead one whole human life in the bereavement of your wife and will suffer the pain of disconnection like me and the people bearing monkey’s face will help you.’

Note: Pious souls! here the seekers need to understand the huge trap of Brahm-Kaal. He is a deceiver. He plays such tactics. First, he invoked Vishnu to create an illusionary world to crush Narad Ji’s pride then he invoked Narad Ji to demand good looks similar to Vishnu. Vishnu played foul resulting in Narad to curse Vishnu. Vishnu is the Lord of the Satogun department in the twenty-one universes of Brahm-Kaal. He has several powers. Even sage Narad is no ordinary man but the irony is ‘Triloki’ Vishnu could not neutralize the effect of the curse given by Narad Muni and suffered in human birth as Shri Ram.

Almighty KavirDev tells in his nectar speech

तुम कौन राम का जपते जापं, ताते कटे ना यह तीनों तापम ||

Tum kaun Ram ka japtey japam, tatey katey na yeh teeno tapam.

Which Ram (God) do you worship who cannot provide you relief from ‘teen tap’ (Curse). This signifies their way of worship is not correct and they are not supreme. The remote is in the hands of the butcher Kaal who spoils our deeds then makes us suffer in his world by bearing pain in 84 lakhs life species. Even Vishnu is not an exception.

Important: ‘Teen tap’ (curse) can only be neutralized by taking refuge of Satguru and doing true worship. Satguru holds importance in the path of worship. Even Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had acquired Guru.

Almighty KavirDev tells in Sukshma Veda

राम कृष्ण से कौन बड़ो, तीनहुँ भी गुरु कीन्ह |
तीन लोक के वे धनी, गुरु आगे अधीन ।।

Ram Krishan se kaun bado, tinhu bhi guru kinha
Teen lok ke veh dhani, guru agey aadheen

Shri Ram and Shri Krishan were Lords of three regions. They also acquired guru and worshipped and accomplished all their tasks with the permission of their guru and made their human birth significant.

कबीर, राम कृष्ण बड़े, तिन्हूं पुर राजा।
तिन गुरू बन्द कीन्ह निज काजा।।

Kabir, Ram Krishan badey tinhupur Raja
Tin guru band kinha nij kaja

Ramchandra is portrayed as the epitome of virtues. Further, we will study how the effect of Narad Muni’s curse on Lord Vishnu was plotted in his human birth of Ramchandra by the devil Brahm-Kaal.

Lord Rama’s Fourteen Years of Exile

‘Kaikeyi’ the step-mother of Shri Ram forced her husband King Dasharatha to command Ram to relinquish his right to the throne for 14 years and go into exile to which as an ideal son Rama accepted his father’s reluctant decree with absolute submission and left Ayodhya with his consort Sita and younger brother Laxman.

The curse of Narad Muni started appearing true. This was all the trap of Satan Brahm-Kaal.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda in the nectar speech of Almighty Kabir.

कबीर, वाशिष्ट मुनि से तत्वेता ज्ञानी, शोध कर लग्न धरै।
सीता हरण मरण दशरथ को, बन बन राम फिरै।।

Kabir, Vashisht muni se tatveta gyani, Shodh kar lagan dharey
Sita haran maran Dasharath ko, Ban-Ban Ram phirey

Sage Vashisht was a scholar who did the complete spiritual and astrological calculation and set the most auspicious time for the marriage of Rama and Sita so that they may lead a happy marital life but who knew that the Prince of Ayodhya -Rama and the Princess of  Mithila -Sita would lead such a miserable life in jungle?. As destined, while Rama, Laxman, and Sita were spending tough days in forests one day Ravana; the King of Lanka abducted Sita and Rama wandered in all corners of the earth to search for Sita.

हाथ सुमरणी बगल कतरणी पढ़े भागवत गीता।
कहे कबीर काल जो मारे ज्यों हिरण कूं सीता।।

Hath sumarni bagal katarni padhey Bhagavat Gita
Kahey Kabir Kaal jo marey jyon Hiran ku Sita

This is how Brahm-Kaal cheats. Marichi, the maternal uncle of Ravana acquired the form of a golden deer, Sita got fascinated and wanted that illusioned deer who became the reason for Sita’s kidnapping. Sages, saints consider themselves to be wise by counting beads and reading Gita but the reality is all are ignorant. Kaal misguides and ruins the lives of innocent creatures. The abduction of Sita was a well-planned act of Brahm-Kaal where Shri Ram emerges as a weak and helpless husband and merely a puppet in the hands of destiny.

Please Ponder– Being supreme Shri Ramchandra alias Vishnu Ji could not identify who kidnapped Sita? and was filled with grief. He became helpless. A bird Jatayu told Shri Ram that, ‘the King of Lanka, Ravana, had abducted mother Sita. When I tried to rescue, he severed my wings’. Trilokiye Vishnu ie. Rama did not know this fact.


  • Should Rama be considered a divine-human?
  • Should he be counted in the category of God?

Brahm Kaal’s Trap-Lord Rama Identified Goddess Parvati

Once Lord Rama was mourning the separation of lost Sita. Shiv Ji was watching his elder brother Vishnu and bowed to him while he was with Goddess Parvati in ‘Shivlok’. Parvati asked ‘Whom did you bow?’. Shiv Ji told the man on earth disguised as a saint is in reality God Vishnu. His wife Sita is lost therefore, Vishnu is sad. Goddess Parvati got surprised hearing the words of Shankar Ji, ‘How can God be helpless and cry?’ She said ‘I do not trust I will examine Vishnu’. Shiv Ji warned Parvati not to do that but after Shiv Ji left Parvati acquired the form of Sita and went on earth where Vishnu was mourning alone.

Kaal deceiver has the remote. He plays foul. The moment Parvati went in front of Shri Ram he recognized it was not Sita but Goddess Parvati and asked, ‘Mother, Why did you come alone?. Where did you leave Shiv Ji?’. Parvati got highly embarrassed since she was identified. When she went back Lord Shiva easily identified that Goddess Parvati had deceived him and inspite of the warning given she went to examine Vishnu. Shiva got annoyed and denied accepting her his wife since she acquired Sita’s form ie. the form of the wife of his elder brother who is now respectful as a mother. After this, an upset Shiva went for austerity. Parvati regretted it but it was too late. She left to live with her parents.

When Parvati went to her parents’ house she saw her father Daksh has organized a grand religious sacrifice in which he has invited all deities, renowned kings, sages, saints, etc. but ignored Lord Shiva and her. Daksha insulted Parvati since he was not happy with Shiva-Parvati’s marriage. Furious with her father’s behaviour, Parvati jumped into the fire pit and burnt herself to ash. When Shiv Ji got to know about this he severed Dakh’s head.

Points to Ponder

  • The same Lord Rama who does not know who kidnapped Sita? and wandered in forests inquiring everyone if someone knows where Sita is? identified Goddess Parvati while she was disguised as Sita. How?
  • Brahm-Kaal’s trap is dangerous. He gave Ram the divine vision at that moment with which he recognized Goddess Parvati who later felt embarrassed. Her act annoyed Shiva Ji who discarded Parvati and left for severe penance. Parvati did self-immolation. Daksh was killed.

Kaal plotted the whole act which proved fetal. In this way, Kaal ruins the life of innocent creatures and incorporates sins in their account which have to be borne. Lord Rama who is the protagonist of epic Ramayana emerged merely a puppet in the hands of Brahm-Kaal like every soul and devotees believe God Shri Rama was all-powerful.


जा पल दरसन साधू का, ता पल की बलिहारी  |
राम नाम रसना बसे, लीजै जनम सुधारी  ||

Ja pal darsan sadhu ka, ta pal ki balihari
Ram Naam rasna basey, lijey janam sudhari

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda; that moment is praiseworthy when someone finds a Tatvadarshi Saint and takes his refuge because He is the representative of Aadi Ram who can only relieve souls from Kaal’s trap with the power of true worship thus, the welfare of human beings happen. Therefore, seekers should worship Aadi Ram.

Lord Rama Betrayed King Bali

The epic Ramayana originally composed in Sanskrit by Sage Valmiki and later in different languages in which ‘Tulsidas’ composition of ‘Ramcharitmanasram’ is the most famous mentions the account when Lord Rama betrayed King Bali who was the son of Indra and father of Angad by hiding himself behind a tree and killed him since Bali had supernatural power, if someone fights with him in single-combat then half of the power of that person in the front enters into Bali. Despite the fact, that Bali and Rama were not enemies still the avatar of Vishnu ie. Rama betrayed Bali because of his selfish motive since Bali’s brother Sugreev had committed Shri Ram to help him in search and return of Sita along with his entire monkey army.  This act of betrayal by Lord Rama to King Bali was a cowardly act that was highly shameful.

Point to Ponder

  • Devotees consider Rama to be the divine-human who is incorporated with both exemplars who transcends both humans and God. Such a divine-human acted cowardly. If he was so powerful he should have fought like a brave warrior from the front. This episode again proves Lord Rama was incapable to face Bali. Hence, killed him by hiding. He emerged as a deceiver.

Who Built Ramsetu Bridge? Lord Rama or Aadi Ram

Hanuman was a devout soul. He was sent as a peace messenger by Ramchandra Ji to Lanka to convince arrogant ruler Ravana to surrender and return Sita but the proud Ravana refused. The war was called but the huge ocean became the hindrance to reach Lanka. Ramchandra Ji continuously stood for three days in knee-deep water and requested the ocean to give way, but the ocean did not budge. Annoyed with this, Shri Ram raised Agni arrow to burn the whole ocean. Then, the ocean acquiring the form of a Brahmin stood in front of Shri Ram with folded hands and apologized and told Shri Ram that Nal and Neel in your monkey army have power by the grace of their Guru Ji named sage Muninder (Almighty God Kabir ie. Aadi Ram) with whose hands stones can float on me but they have lost this power due to pride. Now sage Muninder Ji can only help Shri Ram.

Almighty Kabir tells in Sukshma Veda

साधु दर्शन राम का,मुख पर बसे सुहाग।
दर्शन उनही को होत है, जिनके पूर्ण भाग।।

Sadhu darshan Ram ka, Mukh par basey suhag
Darshan unnhi ko hot hai, jinkey puran bhagya

Shri Ram alias Vishnu is also the child of Aadi Ram. He was deeply in need of His blessings in this crucial situation therefore, he remembered Aadi Ram ie. Param Akshar Purush KavirDev who appeared in the form of sage Muninder on Setuband and according to his promise to Brahm-Kaal Aadi Ram ie. God Kabir helped Shri Rama build Ramsetu.

Sage Muninder alias Aadi Ram marked a line all around the mountain ahead and made the stones inside that line lighter than woods with his supreme power which did not drown while constructing the bridge. Then, the Ramsetu bridge was constructed by the grace of Aadi Ram. Earlier, Shri Rama could not make the stones float, even Nal and Neel had become unsuccessful. Since Nal and Neel were architects then they carved those light stones and fitted them into each other and the whole monkey army contributed. For identification, Hanuman wrote Ram-Ram in all those light stones and devotees till now are mistaken that it was Shri Ram with whose grace Ramsetu bridge was constructed and consider Shri Ram to be an all-powerful divine human.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

कबीर, समुद्र पाट लंका गए, सीता को भरतार |
सात समुद्र अगस्त मुनि पी गए, इनमें कौन करतार।।

Kabir, Samundra paat Lanka gaye, Sita ko bhartar
Saat Samundra Agastey muni pee gayo, inmein kaun kartaar

If you believe the Ramsetu was built by the grace of Shri Ram, the consort of Sita and then the entire army could reach Lanka and you count Shri Ram to be divine then similarly once sage ‘Agastya’ drank all seven oceans in one sip. He also had supernatural powers. Whom amongst the two (Shri Ram and Sage Agastya) do you count as God? This is a myth amongst devotees to date, that the bridge was built by the grace of Lord Ram. The fact is Ramsetu was constructed by the grace of Aadi Ram. God Kabir, only when he lightened the stones like wood which were used in the construction.

Note: When the very first time Almighty Kabir came in Brahm-Kaal’s region he had taken two promises from God Kabir.

  • First, Brahm-Kaal requested God Kabir to help Shri Ram, the incarnation of his son Vishnu in Treta Yuga to build the bridge on the ocean so that he may bring back his wife Sita from the prison of Ravana.
  • Second, In Dwapar Yuga; after the death of Shri Krishan, the King of Orissa named Indradaman would want to build Shri Krishna’s temple but the vindictive ocean will not let that happen, therefore, please help build Jagannath Temple in Orissa.

Construction of Ramsetu bridge and Jagannath temple in Orissa is the result of that same promise by Aadi Ram. Almighty Kabir tells in his nectar speech

मोमे तोमे सरब मे, जहं देखु तहं राम |
राम बिना छिन ऐक ही, सरै न ऐको काम।

Mome tome sarab mein, jahan dekhun tahan Ram
Ram bina chinn ek hi, sarey na eko kaam

Wherever I see, (in you and me) I find Aadi Ram. Nothing in this world can happen without the grace of Aadi Ram.

Garuda Released Shri Ram From ‘Naag-Faans’

Shri Ram and the entire monkey army crossed the Ramsetu bridge and reached Lanka. The battle between the two armies started and a weapon named ‘Naag-Faans’ was released on Shri Ram’s army as a result the whole body of all the soldiers including Shri Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Sugreev, Jamvant, Angad all were tied by serpents and they became inactive. Garud was called for help who severed all the serpents. Then the entire army and Shri Ram became free from the bondage.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

काटै बंधन विपत्ति में, कठिन कियो संग्राम।
चिन्हो रे नर प्रणियां, ये गरूड बडो कि राम।।

Katey bandhan vipatti mein, kathin kiyo sangram
Chinho re nar praniyan, yeh Garud bado key Ram

At the time of crisis, it was Garud who helped the divine-human Shri Ram and his army. So, who amongst the two (Garud and Shri Ram) would you call superior?

Note: God Shri Ram again emerges as an incapable warrior. To free himself and his army he was dependent on Garud.

Shri Ram Killed Ravana by the Grace of Aadi Ram

Ravana was a great devout of Lord Shiva. He had offered his head ten times to Shiv Ji by beheading himself ten times and Shiv Ji had returned his 10 heads and blessed him that, ‘You will only die after you are beheaded ten times’. It was difficult to kill Ravana since he was blessed to have nectar stored in his navel. It is said Ravana was highly powerful and had imprisoned even 33 crore deities. To free Sita from Ravana’s prison, the battle was fought between Shri Ram and Ravana. But Ram could not kill Ravana. Then, Vibhishan told Shri Ram that Ravana can only be killed if the arrow is shot in Ravana’s navel but all efforts of Ramchandra went in vain. Then, Ramchandra invoked Supreme God ie. Aadi Ram to help him kill demon Ravana. Then, Aadi Ram in a secret form kept his hands over Ramchandra’s hands and shot the arrow into Ravana’s navel. In this way, Ravana was killed by the grace of Aadi Ram.

Here God Kabir says

Hum hi Ravan maar Lanka par kari chadhaee|
Hum hi dus sir maar devtan ki bandh chutaee||

Hum hi Ram Raheem Kareem Puran Kartara|

Hum hi bandhey setu chadhe sang padam attharah||

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

कबीर, सर्व सोने की लंका थी, वो रावण से रणधीरं|
एक पलक मे राज विराजै, जम के पड़ै जंजीरं||

Kabir, sarv soney ki Lanka thee, vo Ravan se Randhiram
Ek palak mein Raj Virajey, Jam ke padey Janjeerum

Worshipable God Kabir tells, Ravana’s whole Lanka was made up of Gold. He was a very strong ruler. He was a millionaire. A great man like Ravana was brought to ash just in one moment.

मर्द गर्द में मिल गए, रावण से रणधीर।
कंश, केशो, चाणूर से, हिरणाकुश बलबीर।।

Mard gard mein mil gaye, Ravan se randhir
Kansh, Kesho, Chanaur se, Hrinyakush balveer

Similar happened with warriors like Kans, Keshi, Chanaur, and Hrinyakush.

Almighty Kabir tells in his nectar speech that without the true worship of Satpurush the whole world remains in utter confusion. Ravana the millionaire could not take even one gram of Gold along with him when he left this world and people in the region of Brahm-Kaal remain just confined in accumulating wealth which is not taken by them when they leave this deceased world. They simply waste their precious human birth due to ignorance in just accumulating wealth instead of doing true worship of Param Akshar Purush with which they will attain salvation.

भक्ति बिना क्या होत है, ये भरम रहा संसार।
रति कंचन पाया नहीं, रावण चलती बार।।

Bhakti bina kya hot hai, yeh bharam raha sansar
Rati Kanchan paya nahee, Ravan chalti baar

God Kabir tells that the creature comes into this world all alone and goes alone. What is so great in accumulating wealth and creating a big empire all through life?. Ravana had a huge empire, huge family. He had one lakh sons and 1.25 lakhs grandchildren but today there is not even a single family member alive in his clan. All are dead.

आवत संग न जात संगाती, क्या हुआ दर बांधे हाथी।
इक लख पूत सवा लख नाती , उस रावण के आज दीया न बाती ।।

Aavat sang na jaat sangati, kya hua dar bandhey Haathi
Ek lakh poot sava lakh naati, uss Ravana ke aaj diya na baati

Therefore, God wakes the misguided and spiritually dead souls and tells them to do true worship, chant true salvation mantras of Aadi Ram, and get relieved from the trap of Butcher Brahm-Kaal.

राम नाम जप कर थिर होई। ओहम सोहम मंत्र दोई।।

Ram Naam jap kar thir hoye, OM-Soham mantar doyee

ओम सोहं जपले भाई। राम नाम की यही कमाई।।

OM-Soham japley bhai, Ram naam ki yahee kamayee

Before it gets late, Identify Aadi Ram who is Omnipresent. He is one and only KavirDev.

Vibhishana was the disciple of Aadi Rama and used to do true worship which paid him and he was awarded the throne of Lanka by the grace of Aadi Ram after Ravana was killed.

Note: Shri Ram alias Shri Vishnu suffered a lot in his human birth during 14 years of exile. The curse of Narad Muni came out to be true. The monkey army helped Lord Rama in the battle.

Sita’s Ordeal by Lord Ram

The battle was over, Ravan was killed and Sita was rescued. While Sita returned and met Shri Ramchandra he asked her to undergo an Agni Pariksha (test of fire) to prove her chastity so that there remains no doubt on her purity and the rumours surrounding shall stop. This ritual was done in the presence of many people. Sita was the epitome of female purity and virtue. Sita’s ordeal was done by Shri Ramchandra in which she came out unharmed and thus was attested of her innocence. Then, Lord Ram accepted her and returned to Ayodhya along with Laxman and Hanuman in Ravana’s aircraft.

Back in Ayodhya, one day while Ram was on spy he heard a washerman quarreling with his wife since she left home without his consent and he denied accepting her saying ‘He is not a fool like Shri Ram who accepted Sita after she stayed with another man (Ravana) for one year in Lanka without her husband (Ram)’. Such piercing words of the washerman regarding the purity of Sita made Ram feel embarrassed. Back in the palace, Ram told Laxman the whole account as to how common folks are gossiping about Sita’s chastity hearing which he is extremely distraught about.

Immediately Sita was summoned to the assembly, at that time Sita was pregnant but Ram did not give a thought on that, no humane concern even after Sita pleaded many times and Ram expelled Sita from his palace to lead a life in another exile. Lord Rama left the assembly saying ‘I do not want to be the subject of criticism. My lineage will be tarnished’.

Point to Ponder: Shri Ram is greeted as ‘Maryada Purushottama’ meaning the superior of most upholders of Dharma. He expelled Sita after he took Sita’s ordeal in front of several people and at the time when she was pregnant.

Note: Ram wasn’t even worth calling a King and we have been praying to him as God since ages due to lack of true spiritual knowledge. If he could not remain firm on his decision then what was the need for the drama of ‘Agni Pariksha?’. This was a highly shameful act of so-called ‘Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram’.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

गोरख से ज्ञानी घने, सुखदेव जती जहान।
सीता सी बहु भारिया, सन्त दूर अस्थान।।

Gorakh se gyani ghane, Sukhdev jati jahan
Sita see bahu bhariya, sant door asthan

Many wise men like Gorakhnath could be easily found, similarly ‘Jati’ like Sukhdev and ‘Sati’ females like Sita can also be found in numbers very easily but finding a real saint is rare. This is a huge Brahm-Kaal’s trap that needs to be understood by seekers. It is the advice seekers should not look at the world and remain focussed on their welfare and worship the real saint.

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

लोक लाज मर्याद जगत की, तरण जो छोड़ बगावे,
कामनी कनक जहर कर जाने, वो शहर अगमपुर जावे
जब कोई राम भगत गत पावे ||

Lok laaj maryada jagat ki, taran jo chod bagawey,
Kamni kanak zehar kar janey, voh shehar Agampur javey,
Jab koi Ram bhagat gat pavey

The seekers are advised that they should abandon the false dignities of the world and concentrate on their self-welfare and do devotion according to the procedure told by a true saint, so that they can attain the eternal world and attain Adi Rama.

It has been mentioned in Suksham Veda

राम नाम जपते रहो जब तक घट में प्राण।
कभी तो दीनदयाल के भनक पड़ेगी कान।।

Ram naam japtey raho jab tak ghat mein praan
Kabhi to deen dayal ke bhanak padegi kaan

Only a true saint can help souls to come out of such pain. The real saint ie. a Satguru tells the true way of worship to attain salvation. Therefore, continue worshipping Aadi Ram with the belief one day He will definitely bless and will relieve his dear devotee soul and take to ‘Satlok’

Shri Ram and Sita Insulted Loyal Devotee Hanuman

Hanuman was a true devotee of Shri Ram. One day Sita Ji told Shri Ram that she wanted to reward those who fought in the battle. She gifted her precious pearl necklace to Hanuman who broke the necklace and crushed the pearl and told Sita Ji that this necklace is a waste for him since his God Ram is not found in these pearls. Sita Ji got annoyed and scolded Hanuman, ‘O fool! You have destroyed such a precious necklace. You behaved like a monkey only. Go away from my eyes’. Hanuman said, ‘The object that does not have the name of Ram inscribed in it is of no use to me. I was checking if Shri Ram is inscribed in these pearls’. Then, Sita said ‘Is the name of Ram written in your body? Why do you keep it, tear it apart, and discard your body’.  Hearing this, Hanuman slit his chest at that very moment and showed ‘Ram-Ram’ was written inside it. All this happened in the presence of Shri Ram but he remained quiet and did not support the most loyal devotee who helped Ram at the time of crisis and freed Sita from the prison of Ravana also Hanuman saved Shri Ram and Laxman from the prison of Ahiravan from hades when Ahiravan kidnapped him to offer sacrifice to Mahamaya Devi. Hanuman was deeply hurt by the behavior of both Shri Ram and Sita and abandoned Ayodhya once for all with tears in his eyes.

Important: After this, Aadi Ram ie. KavirDev took Hanuman in his shelter, preached him the true spiritual knowledge, showed him the eternal world ‘Sachkhand/Satlok’, and gave him true salvation mantras chanting which Hanuman became worthy of attaining salvation.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Tab Hanuman Satya keh mani, sahi Munindra satya ho gyani.
Ab tum purush mohi dikhao, mera man tum tab patiyao.
Kaisi vidhi samrath ko jana, so kuch mohi sunao gyaana.

Then, Hanuman believed that not Shri Ram but Aadi Ram is worth worshipping.

Dekhat chandra varan ujiyara, amrit falka karey ahara.
Asankhya bhanu purush ujiyara, kotin bhanu purush rom chha vibhara.
Tab hanuman thaak tah mari, tum Munindra aho Sukhkari. 

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How Did Shri Ram and Sita Die?

After Sita was forced to leave Ayodhya she took shelter in the ashram of sage Valmiki where she gave birth to one son named Luv. Once Sita had gone outside ashram along with her son Luv for some work but sage Valmiki was ignorant. He thought Luv has been lost somewhere and with this fear that what will he tell Sita when she will return to the ashram and would ask about Luv; he created a boy with his power out of ‘Kusha grass’. In this way, Luv and Kush became two sons of Ram and Sita but Shri Ram was completely ignorant.

Once Shri Ramchandra Ji organized an ‘Ashwamegha Yagya’ to prove his supremacy. His sons Luv and Kush tied that horse of Yagya and challenged Ram for war. Ram was ignorant, Luv and Kush were his sons. The battle was fought and Shri Ram had to face defeat at the hands of his own sons Luv and Kush. When Sita got to know this she became highly upset and refused to even see Shri Ram. Out of grief she entered into the earth and ended her life. With this repentance, Shri Ram also ended his life by taking ‘Jal Samadhi’ (drowning in water) in the river Saryu near Ayodhya. Both Shri Ram and Sita had spent such a miserable life even death was highly painful.

Note: Curse of Sage Narad became true. Vishnu had a miserable life in his seventh incarnation as Shri Ram.

King Bali Took Revenge From Shri Ram In Dwapar Yuga

Shri Ram’s life was full of struggle in Treta Yuga because Narad Muni cursed Vishnu. This is the trap of Brahm Kaal which needs to be understood. And this was not the end. Lord Vishnu took birth as Shri Krishna in Dwapar Yuga and the same soul of Bali also took birth. He was a hunter at that time who mistaking the ‘Padam’ in the foot of Shri Krishna as the eye of a deer shot a poisoned arrow in the sole of Shri Krishna and Krishna died. In this way, revenge was complete as plotted by Brahm-Kaal. This process continues of every soul in the region of Brahm-Kaal until the soul comes in the refuge of Aadi Ram and by doing true worship attains salvation. Therefore, it is a must to acquire Satguru in life and do true worship to achieve the ultimate goal of human birth ie. emancipation.

It has been told in Sukshma Veda

लूट सको तो लूट लो राम नाम की लूट, पीछे फिर पछताएगा प्राण जाएंगे छूट ||

Loot sako to loot lo Ram naam ki loot, peechey phir pachtayega praan jayenge choot 

Before it gets late one must take refuge of a real saint and take initiation, chant true mantras of Aadi Ram and attain salvation.

Note: This proves even Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are not free from Brahm-Kaal’s trap who is their father. All are mortal. Only Aadi Ram is supreme. He is above Jyoti Niranjan ie. Brahm-Kaal and ParBrahm and is eternal. His name is Kabir Dev. All holy scriptures provide enough evidence.

Is Salvation Possible With Worship of Shri Ram

Devotees celebrate festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, and Ram Navmi in remembrance of Shri Ramchandra also they recite Ramayana. They worship and chant mantras like

  • Om Ramabhadraya Namaha
  • Om Ramachandraya Namaha
  • Om Raghupungavaya Namaha
  • Om Janaki Vallabhaya Namaha
  • Harey Rama Harey Rama, Rama Rama Harey Harey
  • Shri Rama Jaya Rama Raghu Rama etc.

All these mantras and the way of worship hold no evidence in any holy scripture. This is arbitrary worship and cannot provide salvation, hence, useless. The correct way of worship is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita chapter 17 verse 23 which is of Aadi Ram ie. three-word salvation mantra ‘Om-Tat-Sat’ (coded) which is provided by the Tatvadarshi saint with which the soul gets liberation.

Almighty Kabir tells in his nectar speech

राम नाम तिहुं लोक मे सकल रहा भरपूर |
जो जाने तिही निकट है, अनजाने तिही दूर ||

Ram Naam tihun lok mein sakal raha bharpoor
Jo janey tihi nikat hai, anjaney tihi door

God is with those who know who is real Ram and do true worship else, God is far from ignorants.


With Aforesaid analysis following conclusions are drawn-

  • Lord Ram was the seventh incarnation of Shri Vishnu who spent a miserable human life after the curse of sage Narad.
  • The ill-effects of ‘teen taap’ could not be destroyed by Trilokiye Vishnu.
  • Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram was not a powerful ruler which is proved in his incapability in saving Sita from being kidnapped by Ravana and not being able to identify the culprit demon Ravana.
  • Shri Ram identifies Goddess Parvati which reflects that the remote is in the hands of Brahm-Kaal who plots all acts and the souls merely enact as puppets.
  • Shri Ramchandra betrayed Bali, he is a deceiver.
  • The myth that Shri Ram built Ramsetu Bridge is exposed.
  • The fact is Ramsetu was built by the grace of Aadi Ram.
  • The divine-human emerged as weak when he became helpless tied with ‘Naag-Phans’. Garud helped Shri Ram and his army otherwise they would have been defeated.
  • Ravana was killed by the grace of Aadi Ram ie. KavirDev and not by Shri Ramchandra.
  • Shri Ram’s shameful act is highly ridiculous when he expelled his pregnant wife Sita fearing common folks. He was indecisive and inhumane.
  • Shri Ram disrespected devout Hanuman.
  • Shri Ram leads a miserable life and a painful death like any ordinary human being. Shri Ram is mistaken to be God by devotees.
  • Brahm-Kaal’s region runs on vindictiveness as revealed by Shri Krishna’s death.
  • Salvation can never be attained by the worship of Shri Ram. He cannot be counted in the category of God.
  • True worship of Aadi Ram only provides the soul the complete salvation.
  • The salvation mantras are given by a Tatvadarshi Saint.

Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is Satguru to date; on earth who is providing the correct way of worship of Aadi Ram.

It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda.

मेरे संगी दोई जरग, एक वैष्णो एक राम |
वो है दाता मुक्ति का, वो सुमिरावै नाम ||

Meri sangi doee jarag, ek Vaishno ek Ram
Woh hai data mukti ka, woh sumiravey Ram

Aadi Ram ie. KavirDev is the liberator therefore, It is the advice without wasting time Identify God and get your well being done.

कबीर, साधू दर्शन राम का, परमात्मा आवै याद।
लेखै मे वाही घड़ी, बाकी का समय बर्बाद ।।

Kabir, sadhu darshan Ram ka, Parmatma aavey yaad
Lekhey mein vahi ghadi, baki ka samay barbaad

On seeing a saint God is remembered hence, utilize every moment in worshipping Aadi Ram. Worshipping Shri Ram of Ayodhya is a sheer waste of time.