Hanuman also called ‘Bajrangbali’ ie. the God of strength (who has hard limbs like ‘Vajra-diamond) is believed to be ‘Sankatmochan’ ie. the destroyer of evils/dangers. Hindu devotees believe Hanuman is a God who is the protector of his devotees. The great Epic Ramayana glorifies Hanuman as a great devout of Lord Rama (Rama Doota) alias Lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga who was a divine monkey (Vanara) who helped Lord Rama in search of his wife Sita and subsequently relieved her from the captivity of Ravana.

Hanuman was celibate (Brahmachari) and is believed to be ‘Chiranjeevi’. Born from mother Anjani and father Kesari, Hanuman is called ‘Kesarinandan’, also ‘Vayu Putra’ ie. the son of wind-God. Based on the piece of evidence from Ramayana and assuming similar mythological facts and even more are well known to the devotees of Hanuman Ji; here we will highlight certain hidden facts from the holy scriptures that have never been revealed to the innocent disciples.

Birth of Hanuman

Hanuman was born in Kishkindha to Anjani and Kesari therefore, he is called ‘Anjaneya’, ‘Anjaniputra’, ‘Anjani Suta’. Since he was born with the blessing of wind-God he is also called ‘Pawanputra’ (Son of Wind). Let us study facts from holy scriptures that describe why Hanuman was called Pawanputra?

Hanuman is the Incarnation of Lord Shiva

Ref: ‘Hanuman Bodh’ chapter in Kabir Sagar

Hanuman was not an ordinary child. Excerpts from the speech of worshipable Almighty Kabir mentioned in Kabir Sagar tell; Hanuman was the 11th Rudra Avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva.

Gautam rishi ki patni nari, Nam Ahilya Ram ubari
Nam Anjani Putri taki, janm liyo kokh me jaki
Sadhu roop dhar shiv ban aae, jahan Anjani ko mandap chhaye.
Pyas pyas keh bole bani, Shiv ki gati matan hi jani
Sing naad rahe Shiv Pasa, fukhyo kaan rahit baasa
Chhalkar beej seekh tab dari, ese upji deh hamari.

Lord Ram restored Ahilya, the wife of sage Gautam. They had a daughter named Anjani. Anjani was the worshipper of Lord Shiva. Once, while Anjani was engaged in worship, Lord Shiva appeared as a sage to Anjani and sung ‘naad’ and with the help of ‘Varun Dev’ ie. the wind-god, he blew that ‘naad’ into the ear of Anjani. From that ‘naad’ Hanuman was born from Anjani’s womb. Therefore, Hanuman is called ‘Pawan Putra’ and is the 11th Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva.

Why does Hanuman have a Monkey Face?

According to a legendary belief the divine child Hanuman, once mistaking sun as a ripened fruit, leaped up to eat it. God Indra intervened and struck Hanuman with his thunderbolt. With that strong strike, Hanuman fell on earth and died. His father ‘Vayu’ got annoyed and withdrew his quality i.e. vayu (air) due to which immense suffering started happening to the living beings. Lord Shiva then intervened and resuscitated his 11th incarnation which prompted ‘wind-god to restore life. This is a belief, since then Hanuman’s face became like that of a monkey.

Here a question arises in the mind of devotees – Does Hanuman have accomplishment due to which he could fly in the Sky?

Let us read what evidence says?

Almighty Granted Power to Hanuman to Fly in the Sky

Ref: Mukti Bodh book by Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj in Chapter ‘Taking Dharamdas in Shelter’ simplification of
‘Parakh ke Ang’ speech no.995-1000

Humri Shakti se Sita satee, Jati Laxman Hanumana |
Humhi Kalap uthai, karat humhee akshaimana ||

God Kabir the creator and owner of infinite universes tells his dear disciple Dharamdas that ‘He gave Hanuman accomplishment due to which he was able to fly and lift Dronagiri mountain. Although Hanuman was a physically strong man. Such men can surely walk on earth carrying weight but cannot fly. Laxman was to be rescued therefore, I granted him the power to fly in the sky. Hanuman flew above the ocean and went to search for Sita that power was also granted to him by me (God Kabir) secretly. This was all planned. Apart from these two incidents Hanuman never ever flew in the Sky.

Note: This clarifies that above stated belief that child Hanuman flew in Sky to eat Sun considering it as a fruit is folktale.

What is the Weapon of Hanuman?

‘Gada’ (mace) is the weapon of Hanuman which is granted to him by Lord Vishnu.

Why is Hanuman called ‘Mahabali’?

Lord Indra has blessed Hanuman to have a strong body like ‘Vajra’. God Agni has blessed Hanuman that ‘fire’ will never harm him. God Varun has granted a wish that water will never harm Hanuman. Wind-God blessed Hanuman to be faster than wind and it will never harm him. Lord Brahma blessed Hanuman to have free movement anywhere and no one will stop him. Such divine powers make Hanuman ‘Mahabali’

Is Salvation Possible with the Worship of Hanuman?

Although, Hanuman is believed to be ‘Sankatmochan’, ‘Mahabali’, ‘Chiranjeevi’, equipped with several divine powers yet his ways of worship like reciting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ or ‘Sunderkand path’ or chanting mantras like ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’ and ॐ श्री हनुमते नमः (Om Shri Hanumate Namah) or the secret mantra with which it is believed Hanuman appears to his seekers ‘काल तंतु कारे चरन्तिए नरमरिष्णु ,निर्मुक्तेर कालेत्वम अमरिष्णु’  or celebrating festivals like ‘Hanuman Jayanti’ or considering ‘Tuesday’ and ‘Saturday’ as the most auspicious days of worship of Hanuman hold no evidence in any holy scriptures.

This is arbitrary worship which according to holy Shrimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 verse 23, chapter 16 verse 23, 24, chapter 17 verse 6 is useless. Such worship which is devoid of the injunction of scriptures cannot relieve souls from the trap of Kaal. Seekers attain both heaven and hell and 84 lacs life species. They do not attain salvation and remain in the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth.

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 14 verse 3 & 4, Shrimad Bhagavad Devi Purana and Shiv MahaPuran provides evidence that Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva take birth and die. They are not immortal so how can their incarnations and subsequently devotees get liberated? Without ignoring the evidence from Holy Scriptures devotees of Hanuman should accept the fact that salvation is not possible with the worship of Hanuman.

Now, the question arises: How to attain salvation? In the path of worship and to attain salvation it is a must to hold a guru. Let us move ahead to know what evidence do Holy Scriptures provide regarding who was the guru of Hanuman?

Who was the Guru of Hanuman Ji?

Ref: Kabir Sagar, on page 113, twelfth Chapter “Hanuman Bodh”.

A guru is the true preacher of his devotees who provides a correct way of worship doing which seekers become eligible for attaining salvation. People of the world know that Sage Matang was the guru of Hanuman also Surya who played an important role in his birth. But evidence from pious Kabir Sagar proves that Supreme God Kabir who was playing divine spectacle in the form of sage Munindra in Treta Yuga was the guru of Hanuman. Almighty KavirDev imparted true knowledge to Hanuman, showed him the eternal world ‘Satlok’, and provided him true salvation mantras which made Hanuman eligible for attaining salvation. Read More Summary of Chapter Hanuman Bodh in Kabir Sagar.

What was the Role of Hanuman in Ramayana?

Moving ahead, taking evidence from the same pious Kabir Sagar; it is stated, further devotee Dharamdas questioned Almighty Kabir that Hanuman; being the worshipper of the Lord Ram alias Lord Vishnu, how did he accepted your true spiritual knowledge and came in your refuge. It was like making the Sunrise from the west. Worshipable God Kabir explained devotee Dharamdas the account of taking Pawan Putra Hanuman Ji into his refuge. As is well known through great Epic Ramayana He narrated:

  • How did Sugriva and Hanuman become friends?
  • How was Bali, the brother of Sugriva, killed by Lord Rama?
  • Why did the incarnation of Sheshnaag that is Laxman Ji severed the nose of ‘Shurpanakha’?
  •  How was Sita Ji abducted by Ravana, the King of Lanka?
  • How did Hanuman play the role of the messenger of Lord Rama to persuade Ravana to return Sita?.
  • Hanuman flew across to Lanka and met Sita Ji and showed her Lord Rama’s ring in which his name was imbibed.
  • Sita Ji, in turn, gave her wedding bracelet to prove to Lord Rama that Hanuman had met her.
  • How did Hanuman destroy the Nau Lakha garden of Ravana where Ravana had captivated Sita Ji.
  • Why did Hanuman set Ravana’s Lanka ablaze with the flame in his tale?
  • On the way back, after crossing the ocean Hanuman took rest on a hill where he took a bath, so he kept the bracelet given by Sita Ji on a rock. A Langur monkey took that bracelet and put it in the pot kept outside the hut of sage Munindra.

The above-mentioned account is well known to all devotees of Lord Rama and Hanuman Ji. We will elaborate on the knowledge of our interest, the hidden fact which was not known to the devotees.

Almighty KavirDev/Sage Munindra Met Hanuman

In fact, it was the divine spectacle of Almighty Kavir who was playing the role of sage Munindra at that time. Hanuman wanted back the bracelet of Sita Ji. He explained to Munindra Ji about Sita’s abduction and how he got her whereabouts to give to Lord Rama. Then sage Munindra asked ‘Which number Ramchandra are you talking about?’ Hanuman got astonished hearing this and thought that the sage is probably not in his senses or is under the effect of cannabis.

Sage Munindra told him there had been many Rams, and in the future also they will keep taking birth and dying. Hanuman Ji did not like sage Munindra’s words but did not argue and remained quiet. Hanuman said a monkey has put Sita Ji’s bracelet in the pot since there are many identical bracelets in the pot, I am unable to identify which one should be taken out.

Supreme God Kabir Ji in the sage form said, “O darling of Wind-God! You may pick up any one bracelet; there is no difference. Whatever number of bracelets are there in this pot, that many times exile to the son of Dashrath, Shri Ram, abduction of Sita and her search by Hanuman have taken place.’ Hanuman Ji was surprised to know that there had been several Lord Rama, Sita Ji, and Hanuman and further there will be more. Sage Muninder Ji said, “I have blessed this pot that whatever object goes in it becomes cloned.” On saying this, the sage put a clay bowl into the pot; another identical clay bowl was formed. Sage Muninder said, “O Hanuman! Take one bracelet. You will not have any problem.” Hanuman Ji did not have any option left. Taking one bracelet out of the pot, he flew away.

Who Built the Ram Setu Bridge on the Ocean?

When Lord Rama received Sita Ji’s bracelet he decided to bring her back from Ravana’s captivity and decided to build a bridge with the help of his ‘Vanar Sena’ (army of monkeys) and all others. There were two brothers in the army called ‘Nal-Neel’ who were devotees of Sage Munindra. The sage had cured their illness and had blessed them that if they put any object with their hands in water, it will not drown instead it will float on water like stones, bronze utensils, etc. But ‘Nal-Neel’ became arrogant and did not remember their guru due to which they lost their power.

Lord Rama stood for three days in knee-deep water and prayed to God of Ocean to give his army a way to land towards Lanka but the ocean did not budge. Annoyed Ram ordered his younger brother Laxman, ‘“Take out my Agni arrow. A person who can only understand the language of beatings cannot be counseled by words.” Immediately, the ocean acquiring the form of a Brahmin stood in front of Shri Ram with folded hands and said, “Lord! A whole world is settled inside me. Please do not incur sin. Do something so that your work also gets done and no harm is caused to anyone.”

The ocean in Brahmin form told about ‘Nal-Neel’s’ power. But ‘Nal-Neel’ could not make stones float on water as they had lost their power. Then they remembered their guru Ji, sage Munindra who appeared on ‘setuband’ and on his way marked a line with his stick all around the mountain and told, I have marked a line all around the mountain ahead. I have made the stones inside that line lighter than wood. They will not drown.” Hanuman Ji was a devotee of Ram. He wrote ‘Ram-Ram’ on those stones, and picked them up. When he put them on water, they did not drown. Nal and Neel were architects i.e., adept master masons. Because of this, ‘Nal and Neel’ carved the stones and fitted them into each other with the blessing of their guru sage Munindra. Lord Rama along with his army then marched towards Lanka and the battle of Ramayan happened where Ravana was killed.

This is how the bridge was built on the ocean which still exists and is called ‘Ram Setu’ bridge which joins India and Srilanka. There are few derivatives from this account.

  • Lord Rama alias Lord Vishnu Ji prayed the ocean for three days to provide the way but their worship went in vain.
  • Arrogance in the path of true worship destroys powers as happened with ‘Nal-Neel’
  • With the power of Almighty Kabir/Sage Munindra; the stones floated on the water. He made stones lighter. Lord Rama, Hanuman, and ‘Nal-Neel’ could not make that happen.
  • Hanuman used to recite Ram-Ram all the time and used to write Ram everywhere; on plants, trees, leaves, etc. He did not know who Shri Ramchandra was? Then also he used to chant ‘Ram’ even before he met the son of ‘Dashrath’ ie. Lord Ram.
  • Similarly, he wrote ‘Ram’ on those light stones. Legends and folklore regarding the mention of ‘Ram’ being written on the stones by Hanuman have misguided devotees since ages that Lord Ram with his power built the bridge, ‘Nal-Need’ did that great job and Hanuman wrote ‘Ram’ on stones.
  • All that was false. Innocent seekers are confused to date.
  • The fact is it was Almighty KavirDev who helped Lord Rama build a bridge else he could have never reached Lanka and brought Sita. These facts although have been mentioned in our holy scriptures but have never been revealed to devotees. The holy Kabir Sagar was written in 1505 (Vikram Samvat 1562) and to date, these so-called sages, saints, great sages remained ignorant and preached wrong knowledge. They simply run their business by fooling the masses.

Note: Building of the bridge in Tretayug to help Lord Ram was the commitment of Almighty Kabir to Brahm-Kaal which is mentioned in Kabir Sagar in the creation of the universe. Please read.

Let us move ahead.

Almighty Kabir / Sage Munindra further narrated the account to his dear devotee Dharamdas

  • How was Lord Rama and his army tied with ‘Nag-Fans’ and Garud helped the helpless great men Hanuman, Lord Rama, Jamwant, Sugreev, Angad by severing all the serpents?.
  • Hanuman’s role was important in bringing ‘Sanjeevani herb’ and saving the life of Laxman.
  • Lord Rama was told by Vibhishan to shoot the arrow in Ravana’s naval since he was blessed to have nectar in his naval. He cannot be killed by any other means. Lord Rama made all efforts, tried all his powers but in vain. Then Ramchandra Ji invoked Supreme God – “Please kill this demon and help me. O Mahadev! O God of all gods! O Greatest God! Help me. Your daughter (Sita) is in great misery. Your children, thirty-three crore gods, have also been put into jail by this very demon.” At that very moment, Supreme God Kabir Ji in a secret form kept his hands over Ramchandra’s hands and shot the arrow into Ravana’s navel. Then Ravana died.
  • Vibhishan ruled Lanka thereafter.
  • Agni Pariksha (Fire test) was taken by Sita Ji to check her purity and chaste by Lord Rama in which she got successful. She acquired the status of ‘Sati’.
  • Ravana was assassinated on the 10th day of the bright lunar fortnight.
  • After completing the exile of 14 years, Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita along with Hanuma sitting in Pushpak aircraft reached Ayodhya city.
  • It was ‘Amavasya’ night (No moon day) when they reached and to honor them the whole city lighted lamps of cow’s clarified butter and celebrated.

Hanuman Took Refuge of Almighty KavirDev

After returning to Ayodhya Lord Rama started living happily with Sita and his family. One day Sita decided to reward the warriors who fight in the battle. She gifted her necklace of pure pearls to Hanuman. Hanuman broke one pearl then crushed it, similarly all other pearls and threw them. Sita got annoyed and scolded Hanuman, insulted him saying ‘“O Fool! What have you done? You have destroyed such a precious necklace. You have behaved like a monkey only. Go away from my eyes.” Lord Rama was also sitting besides but remained quiet. Hanuman Ji said, “Mother! An object that does not have the name of Ram inscribed in it is of no use to me. I have looked by breaking the pearls; there is no name of Ram inscribed in them.

Therefore, it is of no use to me.” Sita Ji said, “Is the name of Ram written in your body? Then why are you keeping this body with you? Tear it apart and throw it away.” At that very moment, Hanuman Ji slit his chest and showed. There was ‘Ram-Ram’ written inside it. Instantly, Hanuman Ji abandoned Ayodhya and went somewhere far away from there.

After a few years, Lord Rama expelled Sita from the house feeling insulted by the words of a washerman when she was pregnant. The whole kingdom mourned their separation. Both of them had a lonely and miserable life thereafter and their death was also painful.

Note: Hanuman has always remained loyal and respectful to Lord Rama and Sita but time changes. Both of them showed disrespect to their most honest devotee. Is this the sign of great men? Was this the reward Hanuman got of his loyalty?

This disrespect broke the heart of Hanuman. Supreme God Kabir Ji had come in the Treta Yuga in the form of Sage Muninder Ji to perform divine acts. He met Hanuman Ji and greeted him by saying ‘Sat Sahib’. Hanuman Ji said “Ram-Ram” and stood up to greet the sage. Hanuman identified sage Munindra whom he had met while returning from Lanka. Almighty Kabir/sage Munindra then consoled Hanuman.

God made Hanuman Ji aware of the status of 21 universes of Brahm-Kaal and the pain every soul bears in his region.

Chaunsath yogini bawanbira, Kaal purush key base shareera.
Satya Samrath (God Kabir) hai parle para, kaal kala upjyo sansaara.
Soi Samrath hai sirjanhara, teeno dev na pave para.

God told him the truth of Lord Rama that he is Lord Vishnu’s incarnation and is the master of only one department ie. Satogun in Kaal’s region. He has also to bear pain in human life as a result of the curse of Narad Ji. He preached him true spiritual knowledge.

Tab Hanuman Satya keh mani, sahi Munindra satya ho gyani.
Ab tum purush mohi dikhao, mera man tum tab patiyao.
Kaisi vidhi samrath ko jana, so kuch mohi sunao gyaana.

By giving divine vision to Hanuman Ji, Supreme God showed Satlok to Hanuman.

Dekhat chandra varan ujiyara, amrit falka karey ahara.
Asankhya bhanu purush ujiyara, kotin bhanu purush rom chha vibhara.
Tab hanuman thaak tah mari, tum Munindra aho Sukh kari.

Then Kabir Ji gave Hanuman the true salvation mantras and made him eligible for attaining salvation by sowing seeds of devotion. In this way, Supreme God Kabir Ji took a pious soul, benevolent Hanuman Ji in His refuge. The altruist Hanuman Ji received the reward of selflessly helping the needy. God Himself came; told him the path to salvation, and did his welfare. Hanuman Ji will again obtain a human life then Supreme God Kabir Ji after taking him in his refuge will provide salvation.

Aforesaid, shreds of evidence were hidden to date, which has been unfolded by great Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. No sage, saint or any religious so-called gurus could bring these facts from holy scriptures in front of devotee society and people remained ignorant.


With aforesaid, we draw the following conclusions

  • Hanuman was the 11th Rudra Avatar of Tamogun God Shankar.
  • Salvation is impossible by the worship of Hanuman. This worship is arbitrary.
  • Hanuman is in the cycle of birth and death the same as Lord Rama and all other creatures in Brahm-Kaal’s region. This can be well understood; how can his devotees be liberated?.
  • Famous Ram Setu was built by the grace of Almighty KavirDev and not by the powers of either Lord Rama or Hanuman and not even by ‘Nal-Neel’.
  • Lord Ram and Sita paid for the disrespect they showed to true devotee Hanuman.
  • Hanuman, a great devout was rewarded by Almighty Kabir who sowed seeds of true worship in him.
  • Almighty Kabir is the guru of Hanuman.
  • Great Sant Rampal Ji has untangled hidden spiritual facts from Holy scriptures.
  • True worship and salvation mantras, the complete course is with Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Everyone should make him guru and get their well being done.